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Top 5 Amazing Border Collies

Talented Border collie

The Border Collie is an amazing breed of dog and an amazing pet to have, but there are some border collies that stand out amount all, the kings and Queens of the breed. Here are our Top 5 Talented Border Collies.

  1. Zoe – If you have not come across Zoe on youtube you have been missing out. Check our her limitless talents.
The Amazing Zoe

2 . Mr. Piccoli – This Border Collie can jump so high, 6ft to be exact

3. Border Collie Spy- This collie has the super awesome powers of a spy to get his treats

Border Collie Spy

4. Dazzle – The Tree bouncing Dog. Along with other amazing tricks, dazzle can bounce off trees.

Dazzle the amazing border collie

5. This border Collies Best friend is a tiger. Solo, has befriended a wild tiger cub and they couldn’t be happier. Read the original article here

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