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Ultrasonic LED Anti Bark Dog Aggressive Repelling Training Tool



Anti Bark Training Tool. Unfortunately, our best friend needs to be trained out of bad habits. This is a very effective tool for the job. When used correctly, you can train your dog to understand when they are misbehaving.

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Product Information

Material: Plastic Cement
Dog Size: Universal
Size:14 cm/5.51*6 cm/2.36″*3 cm/1.18″

Package Include:
1 x Ultrasonic Training Tool For Dog


Double channel super design has a strong ability to drive dog. The device contains a double head that can train the dog

APS plastic material and design according to the scientific measure with the S arc handgrip is more 3. convenient and light.

With super red laser and flashing white light,

Warning: Use it prudently because overuse can Irritate your dog’s eyes. Should only be used as a training tool

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