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Exercise Routines for your Border Collie

Border Collie Exercise Routine

Cycle Routine

Find a quiet path somewhere in a Park, Forest, or open area where there are little people and no cars. This type of routine can be rather imposing on a footpath and upsetting to others who are not cycling with their dog, so please keep this in consideration before building this routine.

  1. Make sure you are wearing full safety gear when cycling with your border collie. Until you get used to the pull of your dog you must be ready for all outcomes.
  2. Leash your border collie up securely and find your balance on your bicycle.
  3. Begin your Cycle and Have a great time.

Border Collie Fetch and Swimming – River | Ocean

This type of routine is great for your Border Collie if you live near a river or the ocean.

  1. Find a safe river with not too many reeds and rocks.
  2. Use a dog toy that floats in the water. Tennis balls work really well.
  3. Throw the ball into the water.
  4. Throw it near the bank at first and when your border collie gets confident start throwing out deeper into the water.
  5. This routine works great on the beach too, but make sure the waves aren’t too bad and there aren’t hidden rocks/seaweed in the water.
Border Collie Exercise Water Routine
Border Collie Exercise Water Routine
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