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Border Collies as City Dogs

Border Collies as City Dogs

You live in the city and you want to get a Border Collie, well, there are things to consider before you make a decision on this breed. A Border Collie is foremost used a herding dog, it is what they what breed for like a fish is to swim in the sea. They are most often seen in wide-open spaces, in large lush pastures herding farm animals especially sheep.

Adaptable Dog

Border Collies are very adaptable and they can adjust to different living environments, however, this breed is used to living in open countryside, so moving to the city will be difficult for them at first, especially if they are an adult dog. If you do live in the city, it is recommended to get a Border Collie Puppy. Younger dogs will always adjust better to this type of situation.

Dog Risks in the City

The Border Collie is a very active breed and needs a-lota outdoor activities and mental stimulation to be happy, otherwise, the Border Collie can get quite destructive. They will chew on furniture, tear your socks to pieces and in many cases bark a-lot. This is a big red alert signal that your dog is under stimulated both mentally and physically.

Owner Responsibility

With any breed, but especially with the Border Collie, one must be sensitive to the type dog you own. Preparing a home in the city for a Border Collie can be done very successfully but the owners have to make the environment work for the dog, not try to make the dog fit into the city lifestyle. The Border Collie breed tends to suit a City Owner who has previous experience training herding dogs or understands the dangers of raising a dog in an urban living environment.

Do you have a Yard?

Having access to a Yard, the bigger the better. This will aid you immensely with your Border Collie. It will allow to perhaps build a fence so your Border collie doesn’t go wandering, especially if they learn to jump. It will also allow you to entertain your Collie when you are out at work. A few balls in the yard, some favorite toys and perhaps a large, meaty knuckle or joint bone to chew on will keep the dog happy and focused.

Owner Routine to help Border Collie

If you work close to home, then arrange it that you take your lunch at home so you can visit your Dog. This will make you Collie very happy and will help prevent bad behavior forming from large amounts of Isolation.

Taking your Border on walks is vital to its happiness and health. You must take them on at least two walks a day, mixed with some off the leash activities. Keeping your dog social is also something you must keep in mind, especially within a city environment, it will help them with the stressful city if they can make friends

Border Collie Health

Living in the City your border collie will, unfortunately, be exposed to many things that may affect its health. It’s essential you routinely vaccinate your Border Collie, and keep in mind the endless types of dog Breeds your dog will come into contact with, within a city environment.

Final Note on your Border Collie

This is a wonderful breed to own and to have in your life. The Border Collie is a super fun dog with plenty of energy. If you invest in this Breed, please keep in mind it that it needs open spaces and mental stimulation, so keep this in mind.

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