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Border Collie Training & Trivia (Updated) 21/08/19

Border Collie Training and Trivia
  • One of the main tasks of a border collie during herding is separate the herds into pairs if need be, allowing the farmer to pair off different Sex types, pairs for the market, pairs for selling.
  • Basic training for a herding border collie can take 7months to a 1 Year 1/2 to make them farm ready for work.
  • Don’t trouble yourself with Whistle Signals at the beginning of training, this is something that will come in time. It’s important not to overwhelm the dog too much at first.
  • When transporting young border collie pups in the car for the first time, make sure to place tissue paper around them. They will get sick. The young pup will more than likely suffer from motion sickness until it gets used to the motion of the car.
  • The border collie is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. The most famous is “Chaser” who knows up to 1022 nouns.
  • This breed needs lots of exercise. This can be done via Obedient training, games and problem-solving tasks.
  • The Border collie is a very old breed. It is known to have existed from the 18th century onwards.
  • The border collie is often confused with the Australian Shepherd.
  • The border collie can have different color eyes. This is an inherited trait in the breed.
  • The Colors of the Collies Coats can vary a-lot.
  • The Collie is extremely faithful as a breed but can be very reserved around strangers.
  • The border collie can be great with children, although it will probably only such a very active child who is willing to put in the time to play with the dog.

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