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Border Collie Puppy (First Nights)

Border Collie Puppy First Night

The first thing to understand when bringing border collie home is that this experience of being removed from its brothers and sisters and not to mention its mama will be very traumatic for them. A delicate hand must be used in the first few days. You don’t want to overwhelm the puppy with too many people. This is an animal with feelings and they must be considered when placed into a new environment, especially a new household that might have children and objects it has never seen before.

Prepping your home for your Puppy

The first thing to do is to puppy proof your house. Put yourself into the mind of the puppy if you can, this may mean getting down on the ground and trying to see what will tempt them. We want to keep our puppies safe in these early days until they get used to the house, so it’s vital to take the time to do this. Especially remove anything they can bite or chew on, the border collie is a high energy puppy and they like to explore, so removing pieces of furniture is a good idea. You can place all these pieces of furniture back when they get older and when they are more used to the house.

First Night Home with Border Collie Puppy

This will be a very distressing time for the border collie puppy, so there are things to keep in mind when putting them to bed.

If you are using a crate for their bed, its probably best to place them as close as possible to you for a while. Your puppy will want to go peepee a-lot, so depending on how you want to potty train them, you will have to be close by. Do not place their food and water in with them, it will get knocked over and just cause a mess.

Treat your puppy for getting into the crate at night, with perhaps an associated command like “In your Crate” or “In your Bed”. The border collie puppy is very clever and within little time it will understand what you mean and will make your life a lot simpler at night time.

Try your best to ignore the whining and barking at the beginning with your border collie, especially when its in the crate and the door is closed. This is a vital time for both you and your puppy, the collie will naturally want to dominate you and the people around you, you must set boundaries and make them see, they are not the master of the house. Over time your Border Collie puppy they will realize it is not going to work and just go to sleep.

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