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Border Collie Puppy Requirements

Border Collie Puppy Requirements

Taking on a puppy is a big deal, especially if it’s going to be a border collie. Let’s look at the New Puppy Checklist of things you will need as soon as possible to keep your puppy happy.

Food and Water Bowels Make they are a solid bowl with no sharp edges and not so light at your puppy can push it over and make a mess. Here is a bowl I would recommend for your puppy.

Bed Picking a bed is so important for your puppy, especially if its a border collie. The border collie is full of energy and likes to chew on everything when it is still undisciplined and seeking activity. So you need to find something soft but strong and make sure it is washable. Here is a nice little Border Collie Bed

Toys There is an endless list of dog toys you can get for your puppy, but it vital you pick toys that are safe too. Full adult dog toys can be too hard/rough for a puppy still developing

Travel Crate or Crate This is optional as an owner to purchase a crate. But these can come in handle during training and transport in the car.

Soft-Sided Carrier This is a great way to carry your puppy about, especially if its an active and super excitable as a border collie. This will allow you to keep it in one place, especially when visiting the Vet.

Leash and Collar Getting your puppy used to the collar and the leash is the most basic thing to work on when training your new friend. It will help them understand their boundaries and at the same time help you keep them safe in the early stages of their development. The collar and leash will need to be changed over time as the puppy grow older of course but it important to get them used to it as soon as possible.

Harness Like the leash and collar the Harness is something you can get for your puppy if you want to give it more support while walking. It will also make you feel safer when walking out on the street. This comes in so many different forms and colors and it’s really up to you what style you wish to go for.

Piddle Pads Your little border collie will need to go to the bathroom at some stage. So you need some highly absorbent substance like pads to control the mess, especially if you plan to train your pup to care of business in the house in the beginning.

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