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Border Collie Puppy to Adult Home Training

Border Collie Training

Training a Border Collie can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life and like any breed its best to start when they are still a puppy. This time is vital for any puppy as the brain of the dog is still developing and it will be easier to train. The Border Collie is among the most popular breeds to train as they are obedient, Intelligent and good to work with.

Puppy to Adult Socialization and Training:

As with most herding breeds, the Border Collie can become timid and rather independent if they don’t have early socialization with other people and breeds of dog. The Male Border Collie can become aggressive without socialization, but this can be resolved with socialization and in extreme cases neutering. The Female Border Collie can be very timid and shy all their lives without socialization. This can make it very difficult for them to be around other people and dogs. Introduce the puppy to new people, new animals, new places and new activities, but make sure the puppy is not overwhelmed or frightened during this early socialization. You can take the puppy to events and shows or areas too, where people gather and dogs are gathered, it will help them adjust to crowds and noise.

Puppy to Adult Obedience:

Difficulties can start to occur when the puppy starts to get older, this is often the period between about 5 and 8 months and can be down to many factors. He or she may be exploring and testing boundaries. Or the Border Collies puppies is reacting to a change in the tone and behavior of the people in their worlds.

The commands being given to the collie are only as good as the person giving. Try your best not to become lazy with established commands, your border collie will see this as either “not a command” or “new commands” without any meaning. This can cause lots of confusion for both owner and dog, so be specific and work hard.

It is a great idea to have children in the family involved in obedience work with the Border Collie, but only under adult supervision. Remember that consistency is essential for this breed since they are smart enough to detect even minor variations in commands and signals between people in the family.

Puppy to Adult Behaviours

Some females and males may be prone to submissive urination, especially if they have been harshly treated. With trust-building exercises and time, this behavior can be corrected.

They may go through some fairly significant chewing issues, plus they often become very territorial and somewhat possessive at this time. Gentle training and obedience work with a strong emphasis on doing the right thing is the very best option at this stage. Provide lots of chew toys and confine the puppy to a dog room or an outdoor fenced area to prevent damage indoors if chewing is a problem.

When your Border Collie reaches maturity they may begin to exhibit some strong herding desires. During this time they may try a herd your children especially if you have a large family. Supervision is vital during this time. It may be cute at first but it can escalate to biting, growling and being quite aggressive as the puppy tries to get the kids to do what he or she wants. it may be a good option to keep him or her indoors to prevent any problems with nipping or biting.

Post Training | Exercise

Exercise before, during and after training is essential to work the dog’s body along with their mind. The Border Collie is very athletic and they learn quickly, so lots of games like fetch, frisbee throwing obstacle races etc is great for them. It will help with their obedience and agility and body health. Encourage them to problem solve and think about what is going on, this will bring a lot of happiness to your clever border collie and you.

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