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Border Collie History

Border Collie History

The Border Collie is known to be the best herding dog breed. The Border Collie originated in Northumberland, a place on the very border of England and Scotland. They are extremely intelligent, athletic, and energetic and the most obedient. The Border Collie is known as the most intelligent of all dog breeds.

All Border Collies today are known to be descents of the Old Hemp, a tri-color dog that was bred by Adam Telfer.

Old Hemp was a smart, quiet dog used by many shepherds as he was well known as the best herding dog around. The first time the term Border Collie was used was in 1915 by the Secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society James Reid.

The main defining traits of a border collie are “the silent use of “eye” to control the sheep, the crouching creep, the wide-circling outrun to gather the flock”. These traits mixed with positive training techniques and common commands makes the border collie one of the best herding breeds in the world. Border Collies can be taught to herd a variety of livestock from ducks, chickens, sheep, cows.

People started adopting Border Collies as they are very energetic, playful and smart, and generally a lot of fun to be around. The Border Collie is not a natural house dog. They need a lot of space and an open area to run, they need to be played with a lot, and they need plenty of exercise. They are a very demanding breed, but with the right owner, the Border Collie can be a perfect pet.

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