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Border Collie Basic Stats

Breed Group: Herding DogOrigin: United Kingdom (specifically the English/Scottish border)Average Weight:Males: 30-65lbs (average 35-45 lbs)Females: 25-50lbs (average 30-40lbs)Average Height (at Shoulders):Males: 19-22″ (48-56 cm)Females: 18-21″ (46-53 cm)Average Lifespan: 12-15 years (but can range anywhere from 10-17 years)Temperament & Traits: Active, Read more…

Top 5 Amazing Border Collies

Talented Border collie

The Border Collie is an amazing breed of dog and an amazing pet to have, but there are some border collies that stand out amount all, the kings and Queens of the breed. Here are our Top 5 Talented Border Read more…

Border Collie Puppy to Adult Home Training

Border Collie Training

Training a Border Collie can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life and like any breed its best to start when they are still a puppy. This time is vital for any puppy as the Read more…

Border Collies as City Dogs

Border Collies as City Dogs

You live in the city and you want to get a Border Collie, well, there are things to consider before you make a decision on this breed. A Border Collie is foremost used a herding dog, it is what they Read more…

Exercise Routines for your Border Collie

Border Collie Exercise Routine

Cycle Routine Find a quiet path somewhere in a Park, Forest, or open area where there are little people and no cars. This type of routine can be rather imposing on a footpath and upsetting to others who are not Read more…

Border Collie Puppy (First Nights)

Border Collie Puppy First Night

The first thing to understand when bringing border collie home is that this experience of being removed from its brothers and sisters and not to mention its mama will be very traumatic for them. A delicate hand must be used Read more…

Border Collie Puppy Requirements

Border Collie Puppy Requirements

Taking on a puppy is a big deal, especially if it’s going to be a border collie. Let’s look at the New Puppy Checklist of things you will need as soon as possible to keep your puppy happy. Food and Read more…

Border Collie Training & Trivia (Updated) 21/08/19

Border Collie Training and Trivia

One of the main tasks of a border collie during herding is separate the herds into pairs if need be, allowing the farmer to pair off different Sex types, pairs for the market, pairs for selling. Basic training for a Read more…

Border Collie Cant Eat

What my Border Collie Cant Eat

The food you cant give your Border Collie These are the most common foods that you should never give to your Border Collie. Avoid these fruits Avocado Raisins Grapes Fruit Seeds Vegetables and Spices Chives Onions Potates Garlic Tomatoe Plant Read more…

Border Collie History

Border Collie History

The Border Collie is known to be the best herding dog breed. The Border Collie originated in Northumberland, a place on the very border of England and Scotland. They are extremely intelligent, athletic, and energetic and the most obedient. The Read more…

Border Collie Common Vocal Commands

Border Collie Vocal Commands

The most used commands used with Border Collie are described below. Come Bye: Left (clockwise) commands. Instruction to send collie left in a circle around the Herd. Away to me: Left (Anti-clockwise) commands. Instruction to send collie left in a Read more…

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